New Year- New Scents!


New scents coming soon!

New scents coming soon!

New scents coming soon!New scents coming soon!New scents coming soon!

Pear  Freesia

Tropical Beach

Cucumber & Melon Punch

Peony & Melon Medley

Tropical Rainforest

Citrus Blast

Natural wax scented candles

What We Offer


Our candles are all hand-poured in leafy Surrey using a 100% natural vegetable based, vegan friendly and biodegradable wax.

We hand-pour our candles in small batches and all candles are made to order to ensure that your candle arrives as freshly made as possible.

Caribbean Candle Company was originally set up on the Caribbean island of St Lucia over 15 years ago. Wanting to add a little Caribbean vibe to the UK candle market, we established ourselves here in 2017 and aim to bring some Caribbean cheer to our candle range - try out our Topical Beach candle and see for yourself! 

In addition to our Caribbean inspired scents, we also produce some classic, well loved and must have scents to suit everyone!

To keep you excited about our candles, we only pour in small, limited batches and once these are sold out, we will replace that scent with a new one - our range is continuously changing to meet current scent trends.

Candle Burning Tips


Here are a few simple tips to get the best out of our natural wax candles:

  • Always trim the wick before burning and keep the wick well trimmed throughout - trimmed wick will give you a cleaner, more efficient burn. Long wicks are a top cause of smoke coming from the candle or leaving black residue on your candle glass. For best trimming, we recommend using a wick trimmer or a pair of nail  scissors if you don't own a wick trimmer.

  • We advise that our candles are not lit for more than 4 hours at a time. Always make sure that the top layer of wax has melted al the way across. This will prevent what is known as tunnelling - where the wick sinks further down into the glass with wax residue sticking to the sides of the glass. 

  • Keep the flame away from moving air such as draughts caused by open windows, etc.

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